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Hello! My name is Chen and I am learning many wonderful things about enjoying the history of Asian art. I want to share my writings as I research more, and hope that others may benefit from my research.

I am not trained in the world of art by any means. However, lately I have had quite an interest in the history of Asian art, otherwise referred to as Eastern art. This is a realm where there is a vast range of influence that comes from different religions and cultures across the world. Not only have I become a bit of a collector, but I am also now looking to learn more about the rich history behind the art form and every aspect of it.

My goal is to take some classes that revolve around Asian art so that I can become much more knowledgable and even have better standing when I am searching for pieces of art for my own collection. To be more specific, I am extremely interested in learning about Asian art that came out around the later portion of the 1930s. as this seems to be a time period where many American buyers and celebrities also started to dive into the world of collecting these pieces.

Not only this this a beautiful form of art, but there are a wealth of pieces and styles that you can enjoy, including spiritual traditions, paintings and so much more.

I had a hard time learning the history of Asian art when I was in college. This was despite the fact that I was minoring in Art, as something of a fun complement to my major in mathematics. It was certainly stepping into two different worlds as I went from class to class in one subject or the other.

There were plenty of classes in North American art, and even one class in Native American art. Of course I had plenty of studies in European art, and I enjoyed a class in African art, but studying Asian art, much less the history of Asian art wound up proving rather elusive.

The closest I got was a semester that focused on Arab art across the Greater Middle East, but that covers portions of Africa. Eventually, I and some other interested students got together with that professor and arranged an independent study group.

We very much enjoyed spending time in library and computer labs looking things up. China of course dominated much of the content, but we focused in India a lot too. We also tried to spend a week each on other notable nations.