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Asia is a big content with a very rich and varied history. It is also where much of humanity developed and began to flourish thousands of years ago. From the Indus Valley that was the cradle of Indian civilization to China’s history dating back before humanity recollects, it is also old.

I find it both fascinating and overwhelming at the same time. After all, there is art going back to antiquity seemingly in every last corner of Asia. Parts of Russia, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, China, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, and Singapore all have the hallmarks of ancient peoples in their midst.

With the signs of the ancient civilizations are signs of art. Whether it is metal works and pottery or wood carvings and paintings, the artwork is priceless. It creates both beauty and a n historical record for art lovers and historians alike to review and love.

That’s what I love about Asian art in particular. It goes back so far that it gives a picture of the development of the many Eastern religions and philosophies as well as a taste of the cultures and their developments through the ages. I continue studying Asian art history even years after my first class.