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The Asian continent is made up of many different countries, each of which has its own unique culture and ideals. Studying Asian art can be a fascinating way to learn more about each of these cultures, giving you a broader understanding of how art has changed and evolved throughout the course of history.

One thing that is fascinating about art is that it can help you understand which issues and events were considered the most important during the time period that the art was created. It goes without saying that artists are influenced by the world around them. Most people draw or paint what they are familiar with or what they think about most often.

Because of this, studying the history of Asian art can help you better understand the people who lived on this vast continent in the past. Perhaps more importantly, it can also give you insight into how each individual country or culture has grown and changed over time. If you are a keen observer, you can also spot changes in art styles that indicate an outside influence from another culture. We met a couple whose husband owns a blog about ceramics (www.lorexceramic.com) and we started talking about how ceramic is a big part of art history. Together, all of this information can help us better understand Asian history and the development of modern art as we know it.